• 49 Nikola Petkov Blvd.
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    How did we start?

    Far, in 1993 we started the difficult task – to run business, related to transport and to build our good name. Then the company had only one driver – Zlati Halkov. After some tine the second driver in the company became his son – Stanimir Halkov. Since then we haven’t stopped working for our improvement. We managed to stay at the market during the years of severe economic crisis and enlarged our business.

    What we did so far?

    At the moment we rely on our united team again, as the main focus continues being the family.In recent years, the company specializes in cold transport for Western Europe. In the current 2018 we work with more than 20 people and the company has 9 refrigerated fleets, 1 refrigerated van and refrigerated solo truck with a volume of 18 euro pallets.